Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well sometimes sleeping in with the man you love is the only thing you need on sunday.

I feel so lucky sometimes i get a lump in my throat...

And even though- he likes to laundry every day and i like to do it all at once on sundays

And even though- parking in crowded cities doesn't stress me out and he turns into a little ball of nervs

i am so happy. i can't wait to take his name and have a million of his babies!

Friday, February 26, 2010

a little me time

I can't even remember the last time i journal'd or blogged. The only writing i have done over the past year are business recaps-BLAH.

So many things have happened over the last year, i wish i had kept some kind of log of it. Rather than anxiously try to recap every moment, I am just going to start with the present and hope i stay consistent ;).

What is new as of late?


Brandon Cole is growing up super fast- and it makes me a little sad to know i miss a bunch of it living so far away. However, there are some pretty fantastic things about his maturity:

-we can talk on the phone every so often- He even says, "i love you" and calls me "auntie ashley"

-he already has his own style

-He is wise beyond his years -he corrected me once when i called a picture of a sea creature (which i thought was a snail) a snail, "no auntie ashley, that's a Nautilus!" the best part was he laughed hysterically because he thought i was trying to play a trick on him

-He grabs your index finger to take you somewhere or show you something and it melts your heart.

Big hugs B

We Are In Print

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

hello via mobile

Hi blog world. Does anyone else even read this anymore? Well ever since I started working for Gap inc under the old navy brand my blog has suffered. I am trrrryyyyying to revive it! I have also gained quite a bit of weight. I look around at work and every girl is tiny and in shape. But they are working the same hours and eating in the same cafeteria as me!? So how do I find the motivation to hit the gym after a 12 hour day at the office?! So I figure I need to work out- but first thing is changing the way I eat. So I am going to keep a food diary... Starting now!
What did ashley eat today?
1. A sarah lee bagel with butter (made by the bf)

2. A scone from peets in the lobby! I know two breakfasts!!

3.A sandwhich consisting of avacado, chedder, tomato and cucumber... AND fries on the side..boooooo me!

4.A mini tootsie pop from co-worker who left early's candy stash...hey ya snooze (or leave at 3!!!!) Ya lose!!!

5.Two small squares of pizza and two sierra nevadas!

I know I have a Long way to go, but at least I didn't have any diet coke today! That is a huge accomplishment!

I feel like putting this out in the blog world can help me accomplish my weight loss goals!
Suggestion and sympathy is welcome!!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Work is...

Killing me!!!
Any advice?
(p.s. i googled "murder" for that picture..haha i loved "knocked up")

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Ink

I got this last month and i have been so uber busy i forgot to share! I love it, but let me just tell you it hurt on the wrist. i thought i was a champ since i got my last one on the back of my neck, but no, this was killer. Plotting my next one as we speak!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wishing for...

I am lovin the new OPI summer 09 collection, but what i am really wishing for is some time for a mani /pedi!

Love these skinny wayfarers! super cute in red ;)

Super cute open toe- studded booties! By Steve Madden

Love how cute this m by mj top is! it reminds me of a missoni top i onced pined over and almost bought! AND it's on S~A~L~E

Totally want this spring forward white vest from

LOOOOOOOOOOVE this dress! so cute!

i already have one lena wald necklace, a cross, but i want a "B" initial necklace to layer over it, for my Bill.

This super cute bikini bottom, by

Kate Beckinsale's arms and tush...anyone have any good arm workouts?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i will...

BLOG again!
I has been hampering my blog spirit, but i am gonna come back strong :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

where i have been?

oh I'll tell ya where i have been! At work! not that i am complaining with the job market as it is, but honestly i haven't worked this hard since college and i miss the days of knowing exactly what i was doing and exactly what each cross-functional colleague needed from me. I'm adjusting and i still make time for the friends and my man :) On a more positive note, where i work, besides all of the work, is actually AWESOME. i took the blackberry around one morning to capture some of my favorite parts :)

First thing is the view, kind of gloomy on this day, but when the sun is out it is AMAZING. quite a change from working in an office with no windows ;)

ahhh finally! my name is up on the "pod" wall. Yup we call our cubical rows, "pods" i like it :)

This is the "Link" where we have our first pass for our plan and forecasts and where we all gather for our monday morning business recaps. A nice change of pace from the pod, but if the sun is shining outside it can be a little distracting! ;)

these shots are of the old navy library on the 5th floor, not that we have time to sit and read, but if we did i'd be the first one up there!This is my fav part! it is our sample library lots of fun to play around in, i imagine ;)
Okay, no this is my favorite!!! the third floor wall paper! each floor has a different wall theme and OURS is the best in my opinion! one day i'll have something similar in my house ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Superbowl?

well i am attending a Superbowl party, but i am going for the BBQ just as much as i am going for the game ;). Neither team really lights my fire, so i think i am going to root for AZ since they are the "underdog." If you share this philosophy with me take heed of this advice: Do not say that in front of 3 co-workers from Pittsburgh. I believe one of them actually said, "Say it again and I am going to throw you through the window!" All in good fun of course... at least i think so :)

anyway so whatever you are doing today enjoy the beautiful weather (well i guess that is for californians only ;) ).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things I'm Lovin' Lately

Have been away from blog world for way too long. i plan on diving back in "hard core" this weekend:) In the meantime i just wanted to share some things on my "love-list" as of late. the fun chair i'm sitting on above tops this list! HA---just kidding :)

All my girlfriends are getting Hello Kitty debit cards! I want one! Come on WaMu... you're a part of JPMorgan and Chase now, get with it!

I love seeing this stunning view of the bay bridge (if there is no fog) on the reg when the T-line comes out of the subway and onto the street each morning.

Love, LOVE, love my new m by marc jacobs sunnies! And Love the fact that i can actually wear them in nor-cal this time of year ;)

I'm having an intense love affair with my crackberry, uhhh i mean blackberry ;). Not sick of it at all espesh since i can bbm with my besties holly and robyn on the reg!

Finally getting weekly use out of my madden buckle boots. so comfy and sooo cute with jeans or a dress!

The bigger he gets the more i love him! Here's B in his yard raking. SO cute!

Everyone knows i love fro-yo. but i love it even more with a fab fiver! Thanks for always indulging me holl!

He's making a mean face even though he's anything but ;). This guy makes me very happy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

flowers for me

wow, it has been a LONG time since i have gotten flowers from a boy, but yesterday my boyfriend showed up on my doorstep with these beautiful yellow tulips (tulips are my favorite)

i am loving this...i feel so lucky and i just had to share ;)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ink and TV

On a lighter note i have figured out my next tattoo, a dove with garland either on my left wrist orrrr on my left forearm. THOUGHTS?

Also my latest TV obsession: DAMAGES
anyone agree?

M.I.A part dos

When it rains it pours...
so i have been unattentive in blog world for too long i know :( I am getting over an icky sickness with even worse icky antibiotics that make me feel twice as sick...YUCK.

And, sadly my cousin Mikki's hubby Clint just passed away :( He was very sick with cancer and in lots of pain, so i am glad he is no longer suffering. However that being said, he was far too young and too special to pass so soon in life. He was an amazing guy, a beautiful husband and a loving dad to my lil B (who i post about often). I will miss him greatly. He and my cousin (his wife) were most at peace on the beach. Clint was a great surfer and always offered to teach me, but me being scared of open water always declined. I really admired his spirit and the carefree "san deigo" way he lived life. I am down here for his service on Tuesday and to be with mikki, who is the older sis i always wanted but never had :)

Once i get back into the swing of things as the week goes on my blog will come back to life ;)

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hello Lovely Bloggers!

I know i have been super lax with my blogging but life has been a bit crazy lately. I have been dating someone new and it has been going very well :)

Work has been more than crazy as well and my home computer is on the fritz, so less time for me to spill my guts on here:(

Right now I have a few spare moments as i am in an excel brush up course at work. I consider myself excel savvy but i am learning things that will save me so much time AND really cool stuff i never knew i could do (i know i am a nerrrrd).

Anyway I haven't been shopping in a long while, i need to do some damage, anyone interested in joining me? In dire need of new clothes!

I have been LIVING in this lately:

Perfect Waffle Knit sweater from GAP

Cozy straight leg blk denim from GAP -on sale for 44.99 now online! I love the pockets on these jeans---kind of hard to see b/c it's black, but the pockets are cinched into little bows! TOO CUTE!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year!

Did you think i was going to follow the title with, "... a new me?" I almost did, but I am trying really hard not to be so cliche ;)

i hope everyone had a fab new years! I did! Holly and i celebrated with our friends and took only one photo all night long! And i guess we both fell asleep shortly after the new year ;)

these next two pics are a little old ( before the new year) but i wanted to share them anyway. The first is me before a date this week and the second is a close up of my new Tahari flats (LOVE them).

Okay so i only have a few resolutions for the new year and they are:

1. Halt all consumption of diet coke (aka my own personal heroin)- i know i tried to do this on my 25th b-day, but couldn't kick the habit.

2. Bring more color into my wardrobe

3. Get to the gym 3 times a week

Not too many but more than enough to work on for me :)

Today is day two without diet coke's going okay.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goin' back to (northern) Cali, Cali

I am sad to leave the family, but so excited for my own bed, shower and to see my pups (thanks for watching them auntie nicole!)
Leavin' for the airport soon and though i'll miss the final quarter of the game GO GIANTS beat MN!

P.S. anyone have a black berry? I need more BBM friends!